Beautiful and magical jewelart individually created with loving care by jewellery artist Sam Rowena Taylor

Jewelart is colourful, contemporary and sparkly jewellery that is made to last not just a season, but to become a treasured piece that you'll enjoy wearing many times.  You are my muse, jewelart is designed for you, to help you sparkle.  

Jewelart collections include: 

  • sculptural beaded wirework designs: earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches
  • abstract fused glass designs: earrings and pendants 

You can choose to view the collections by 'type of jewellery' or 'colour' with new season colours featured to help you to search the jewelart designs and co-ordinate them with your wardrobe. 

Get something different!
The abstract fused glass and sculptural wire brooches are special as they all turn out a bit different, which means your piece of jewelart jewellery will be unique, just like you!

You are also helping a dream to thrive by supporting a Lancashire designer-maker, each piece of jewelart is designed and handmade with love by jewellery artist Sam Rowena Taylor. 

More info about the maker Sam Rowena, the designs and how jewelart is created...