how to look after and care for your jewelart jewellery

Storing it in a jewellery box or in specialist airtight bags / pouches will help to reduce tarnishing. 

if the sterling silver has tarnished:

  • wash in a small amount of luke warm water and clean gently with an old toothbrush and mild washing up liquid
  • pat dry or leave to dry naturally 
  • then polish gently with a silver polishing cloth (these can usually be bought from jewellery shops)

natural copper jewellery:

  • same as above
  • polishing the copper gives it a great sheen, emphasizing the texture and dark / light shades

non-tarnish and enameled copper jewellery:

  • these have a coating and shouldn't tarnish, although the colour may lighten or darken slightly with age (especially if exposed to a lot of sunlight)

abstract glass with plated bail:

  • the silver plated bail can be polished with a silver polishing cloth, but with it being plated metal it will tarnish with wear to a dark silver and eventually to a dark copper colour
  • a strong epoxy glue is used to affix the bail, this type of glue helps to take the impact if it's dropped or knocked - rather than the glass shattering - but this can loosen the bond
  • should this happen I offer a free re-gluing service for the jewelart pendants/earrings (up to 12 months after purchase), you just pay p&p costs
  • after this time, to re-glue the bail to the jewelart glass pendant/earrings costs £5 plus p&p and to attach a new plated bail costs £7.50 plus p&p (unfortunately with this new strong epoxy glue, I'm unable to remove the bail once it has been glued onto the glass)